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Contractors face a broader range of environmental exposures than ever before.  Within the last decade alone, mold, products pollution (e.g., reactive drywall), jobsite runoff (silt & sedimentation), and USEPA lead-safe construction practices have all emerged as new environmental risks to control.  Most traditional commercial general liability (CGL) policies contain general exclusions for pollution, and specific exclusions for silica, mold, lead and other pollutants.  As a result, CGL polices are often ill-equipped to handle these emerging environmental exposures.  Our Contractors Pollution Liability policy provides a comprehensive solution to managing environmental risk in a single policy and at an affordable price.


Customer Profile:

  • All Service and Trade Contractors: HVAC/Mechanical, Painters, Plumbers, Roofers, Electrical, Excavators, Street & Road, etc.
  • General Contractors: Commercial, Residential, etc.
  • Environmental Contractors: Abatement Contractors (Asbestos, Mold), Hazardous Waste, Emergency Response, UST Removal; Remediation contractors, etc.

Minimum Premium: $2,500


Capacity: $25M 


Distribution: Open Brokerage  


Territories where this product can be provided: All U.S.


Key Features:

  • Broad and Customizable Coverage Form

    Contractors Pollution Liability (including mold, legionnella)

    Transportation Pollution Liability

    Waste Disposal Site Pollution Liability

    Contractor’s Maintenance Yard Pollution Liability

    Environmental Crisis Management

    Occurrence or Claims-Made trigger

    Practice (up to 3 yr term)  or Project Specific (up to 5 yr term + 10 yrs  of comp ops)

Submission Guidelines:

  • Navigators Contractors Pollution application
  • Copy of pollution loss runs (renewal accounts)
  • Copy of 5 yrs of GL loss runs
  • Financials are required for specific classes or for high retention placement
  • Additional information may be required for certain coverages 



Information contained herein is for informational purposes only and shall not constitute an offer.  All coverages may not be available in all locations.  Only the policy itself can confer specific coverage and benefits.  Contact your Navigators representative for more information.

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